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    updated May 20, 2012                    


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SMTP Compliant - Works with SMTP compliant email systems. Nearly all are today, including Exchange and Apache.

Real time notification - As soon as the event happens, the email(s) are sent to the mail server.

Small server overhead - This is not a function that continuously runs, thus using server resources. Bravo uses the triggering function that is inherent in SQL database servers. Therefore it does not create a large overhead burden.

User-definable event - This is not a pre-defined set of events. You as the user define the events that are meaningful to you. Use any of seven different Bravo tables as the source of the event.

User-definable body - Include pertinent table fields within the body of your notification. Real-time information is embedded in the message so the user can take action!

User-definable subject of email - The subject is your first line of communication in email systems, so your important notice will be readily seen and responded to.

Addressing capabilities - Setup individual email addresses or define groups of addresses to be notified by email.


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