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    updated May 20, 2012                    


The BRAVO System Manager takes care of all the behind the scenes issues such as security, the sub-ledger period closing and company information. We will also use this section to describe system wide functions.


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  • Support multiple companies

  • Change companies without leaving Bravo 

  • Database password protection and encryption

  • Every transaction is operator and date/time stamped

  • Multiple open periods with security

  • User-definable groupings for quick period closing

  • User-definable groupings for granting security

  • User-definable users with passwords

  • Optionally, define shared location of Report Builder files

  • Enhanced data entry with the "ENTER" key

  • Add "on-the-fly"

  • Clean uncluttered interface

  • Extensive lookup features

  • Integration with Report Builder

  • Print any report to the screen first

  • Customize any standard report

  • Reprint posting documents

  • User configurable menu system


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