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    updated May 20, 2012                    


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Support multiple companies - Bravo supports an unlimited number of companies. Even if you are only running one company, create a copy of it and use it as a test company for training purposes.

Change companies without leaving Bravo - Switch from company to company without exiting Bravo.Simply use the change company function.

Database password protection and encryption - The database password that is passed by Bravo can be hidden to the user. It is also encrypted so that you can find it in the Windows Registry. This helps make your data safe and secure.

Every transaction is operator and date/time stamped - There is no guessing as to who entered this transaction or record and when it was entered.

Multiple open periods with security - Bravo lets you control which periods are open for data input or closed. You can have multiple open periods as well as periods open in prior years.

User-definable groupings for quick period closing - Control the period closing on an individual module basis or group them to make period management more efficient. For example, perhaps accounts receivable, inventory and sales order are closed together while accounts payable and the general ledger are done individually.

User-definable groupings for granting security - Create your own groups and grant permission down to the functional level. After you have defined the group add users who will inherit the groups security rights.

User-definable users with passwords - Define your own user names and passwords.

Optionally, define shared location of Report Builder files - Keep the report files on a shared directory or on the individual workstations.

Enhanced data entry with the "ENTER" key - Bravo was designed with data entry speed in mind. Use the ENTER key to move from field to field for heads down data entry. You can also navigate the entire system without a mouse.

Add "on-the-fly" - Imagine entering a supplier invoice only to discover you do not have the supplier defined. Rather than leaving invoice entry, navigate to supplier setup and then come back into invoice entry, simply use the "on-the-fly" feature, assuming you have the security right to add a supplier.

Clean uncluttered interface - Bravo screens were designed for easy viewing. Screens are simple with information easily visible.

Extensive lookup features - Bravo allows you to lookup data when doing data input allowing to search on various fields.

Integration with Report Builder - Bravo uses the Report Builder component.  This lightning fast report writer is powerful yet simply to use.

Print any report to the screen first - Quickly print any report to the screen first before sending the report to the printer. Also, save your report to PDF, MS Excel, ASCII Text or HTML format.

Customize any standard report - Modify any of Bravo’s standard report with Report Builder without having to touch the source code.

Reprint posting journals - Reprint posting registers at any time for audit review or just in case the original posting journals were lost or damaged.

User configurable menu system - Configure your own menu. Change or remove items on the menu. Add your own description and hints associated with the menu items.


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