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Bravo includes 12 different modules and was designed for small to medium size Companies with the input of end-users, consultants and Certified Public Accountants. Take a look at all of our modules using the drop-down list on the left. Four desired characteristics have consistently emerged for accounting software, and Bravo follows them all:

A Great Feature Set - this meant a well-balanced feature set; one that had more than bare-bones features but not one that had "feature bloat". 

Easy to Use - make the interface clean; do not clutter it with too many colors and icons; and give the user the option to use the keyboard as well as the mouse. 

Modern Technology - use "working edge" not "bleeding edge" technologies and don't inherit from a legacy application. Build it from the ground up to use this technology. 

Simple Pricing - make it easy to do business. Do not over complicate the calculation of the end-user price.

Great Feature set

Bravo incorporates advanced features such as user definable chart of accounts; support for multiple warehouses and support for unlimited units of measure. Bravo also incorporates the use of accounting agents which lets you define an event that results in email notification to a specified user. For example, if inventory level drops below the safety level, send an email to the purchaser. While Bravo is feature rich, it is not overstuffed with features only applicable to a small percentage of users

Easy to Use

Bravo has been designed with ease of use in mind. Our screens are intuitive and clean. For easy viewing, tabs are used on most screens. The system also provides browse functions and adding "on the fly."

Based on Superior Technology

Bravo was developed using Borland Delphi, the award winning 32-bit client/server application tool; the reports are written with Report Builder; and compatible database servers include Microsoft SQL, Oracle and open source Firebird.

Simple Pricing

The Bravo pricing structure is simply based on the modules purchased. We have eliminated the issue of user count and the legal definition of what is a user. Say good-bye to the days of calculating the number of users in each module or each type of module. Lastly, you will find Bravo very competitively priced.


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