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    updated May 20, 2012                    


  The BRAVO Accounts Receivable module automates the sales management process, tracks customers, manages invoices, processes customer payments, and analyzes customer activity.

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  • Multiple ship-to addresses

  • Multiple bill-to addresses

  • User-definable taxing authorities

  • Attach taxes with ship-to address

  • User-definable salesperson

  • User-definable payment terms

  • Support for domestic and international address

  • Unlimited customer notes and comments

  • Attach documents to individual customer accounts

  • User-definable freight and FOB terms

  • Integration with sales order processing

  • Integration with project accounting

  • Flexible application of cash

  • Reverse payment function

  • Handling of deposits from customers

  • Import invoices from non-Bravo systems

  • Prior period aging

  • Stores unlimited history

  • Extensive drill-down queries


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