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    updated May 20, 2012                    



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Multiple ship-to address - Store an unlimited number of shipping addresses per customer. Optionally link each shipping address with a default tax code.

Multiple bill-to address - Store an unlimited number of billing addresses per customer. This feature is very useful for customers with multiple locations including domestic and international operations.

User-definable taxing authorities - Define your own tax code, descriptions and rates.

User-definable salesperson - Define salespersons with default commission rates and attach them to customers. This will be the default salesperson in the sales order and job processing modules.

User-definable payment terms - Setup you own terms. The due days and discount days are user definable. Bravo even supports invoices due on a specific day of the month.

Supports for domestic and international address - Bravo has three address lines in addition to the city, state/province and postal code. In addition, you can predefine commonly used countries and country codes.

Unlimited customer notes and comments - Store an unlimited amount of comments and notes about a customer.

Attach documents to individual customers - Attached files such as word processing files to individual customer. These files can be launched from within customer maintenance and query.

Define freight and FOB terms - Bravo allows for the user definition, tracking and application of both freight and FOB terms. 

User-defined groups - Define your own categories to group customers.

Integration with general ledger - Bravo accounts receivable is fully integrated with the general ledger module. Transactions in the general ledger are marked indicating they flowed from the receivable module.

Integration with sales order processing - Bravo accounts receivable is fully integrated with the sales order module. Default information setup in receivables is used in sales order processing including payment terms, ship-to addresses, bill-to addresses, taxes, salesperson, etc.

Integration with project accounting - Bravo accounts receivable is fully integrated with the project accounting module. Each sales order or invoice can be associated with a project.

Flexible application of cash - Cash or a check can be applied to multiple individual invoices. Payment discounts can also be recognized at this time. If you are not sure which invoices to apply it to, no problem, leave the entire payment or part of it "unapplied". Then go back at a later time to apply it to the correct invoice.

Reverse payments - Bravo allows for the reversal of customer payments just in case you entered a receipt incorrectly or their check was returned.

Cash in advance - Bravo correctly handles deposits or cash in advance from customers. Bravo will allow you to apply these advances directly to customer invoices at the time of invoicing. You can also print out a separate listing of the advances from customers.

Prior period aging - Let say you want an aging as of two months ago. Not a problem! The prior period aging will exclude invoices and payments since that period. That also means no more waiting to print a final aging before proceeding to the next month.

Import AR invoices - Import invoices from non-Bravo modules. Our import feature will check to ensure customers, invoice numbers, salesperson, etc. are valid.

Extensive drill-down queries - Find a customer and drill down to look at sales orders, invoices, etc. and look at the details of those transactions.

Unlimited transaction history - Year-end processing does not delete all of last year's history. Transactions are kept as long as you like.


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