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    updated May 20, 2012                    


The BRAVO Purchase Order Module efficiently manages complex, multi-item purchases. Its seamless integration with other Bravo modules ensures payables management and inventory control information is automatically updated.


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  Various methods to lookup a purchase order 
  Support for automatic and manual purchase order numbering 
  Classify different types of purchase order 
  Default ship-to address based on the warehouse 
  Tracks original due date and revised due date 
  Support for due date per line item 
  Order in base unit or alternate units of measure
  Displays inventory quantity query during data input
  Displays current costs during data input 
  Add or edit the description and extended description for each item 
  Support for non-inventory items 
  Summary of the purchase order is displayed 
  Creation of accrual and receiver at time of receipt 
  Integration with Inventory and Accounts Payable 
  Tracks receipts history


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