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Various methods to lookup a purchase order - 
Bravo's rich filtering & query technology allows order lookup via part number, supplier, due date, po number and more! Status filters can also be applied for quick grouping of orders.

Support for automatic and manual purchase order numbering - Bravo fits your business process. Let the system assign new order numbers, or your can create your own alpha-numeric combination.
Classify different types of purchase orders - Build your own table of different order types, such as office supplies, expedited orders, government, etc. Run reports using this class selection to limit what prints.

Default ship-to address based on the warehouse - Create address locations for each warehouse. The purchase order will print the delivery address based on the warehouse selected. No more manual typing of addresses!.

Tracks original due date and revised due date - Empower your company by tracking vendor performance. Use the information to calculate accurate lead times or track delivery performance.

Support for due date per line item - Schedule multiple deliveries of the same item or target part deliveries for just in time arrival. Each line item can be scheduled, rather than using only a single delivery date for the entire order.

Order in base unit or alternate units of measure - Stock your parts in a unit of your choice. Purchase that item in any other unit division or multiple. Stock in boxes and buy in each, or pound, or case. Unlimited units of measure can be stored and used for each part number.

Displays inventory quantity query during data input - Know your stock status while you are placing the order. On hand, allocated to sales and On purchase order figures are available to help you make informed delivery decisions.

Displays current costs during data input - A running average cost is displayed to help gauge purchase commitments. The PO price entered is stored as actual FIFO cost for the line item received. 

Add or edit the description and extended description for each item - Because Bravo's Purchase Order module is integrated to the Inventory module, standard descriptions, comments and other information is retrieved for you. Yet Bravo is all about flexibility. Change the standard descriptions or comments for one time orders or to include vendor specific information. Use a standard comment library for commonly repeated notations. Extended descriptions allow unlimited pages of notes for critical documentation of purchased parts.

Support for non-inventory items - Use an internal part number to track purchase history and stock availability. Also feel free to buy any charge. Use any item number, description and unit of measure. Select a part class to control the General Ledger account selected, or choose one yourself.

Summary of purchase order is displayed - Don't be in the dark when it comes to an order's status, delivery plans or value. Bravo's purchase order entry form shows you all of the details you need at a glance.

Creation of accrual and receiver at time of receipt  - Receipt voucher are automatically created when a PO line is received. This voucher can be matched to the suppliers invoice when received, verifying contract amounts.

Integration with Inventory and Accounts Payable - The Payables and Inventory modules keep details based on supplier or part number. Detailed histories of receipts can be viewed in either modules.

Tracks receipt history - Use Bravo's Purchase Order, Supplier, and Inventory queries to search and view order activities. Using ODBC to link to Bravo's SQL database, you can create your custom history report with standard tools like Access, Crystal Reports or DB2. 

Import PO receipts - Import purchase order receipt transactions from any comma delimited text file. Use bar-code devices, palm units, or stand-alone systems to record the data file, then simply import the transaction file into Bravo.



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