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User-definable payment terms - Setup you own terms. The due days and discount days are user definable. Bravo even supports invoices due on a specific day of the month.

Support multiple AP control accounts - You have the option of separating your payables into user-defined groups, and then print the aging on a group basis and process payment on a group basis. Each group could also have their own general ledger integration account.

Sophisticated 1099 processing - Bravo not only tracks 1099 but you can also define for a supplier which box of the 1099 they use. 1099s do not have to be printed the first day of the New Year. Print them out in late January if you like. The 1099 processing is not based on an accumulating bucket, it is calculated on the fly.

Store both purchase order and check remittance address - If you are using our purchase order module, the purchase order address may be different than the check remittance address. Bravo allows you to specify both. If they are the same, you do not have to type it twice, simply click on the copy button to repeat the address.

Integration with project accounting - When you are distributing an invoice, in addition to distributing to general ledger account(s), you can also distribute to one or more projects.

Matching and integration with purchase order - Bravo accounts payable is fully integrated with the purchase order module. This means accounts payable invoices can be matched against purchase order receipts. Purchase orders can be generated with the supplier defaults such as payments terms, freight terms, etc.

Integration with general ledger - Bravo accounts payable is fully integrated with the general ledger module. Transactions in the general ledger are marked indicating they flowed from the payables module.

Prior period aging - Let say you want an aging as of two months ago. Not a problem! The prior period aging will exclude invoices and payments since that period. That also means no more waiting to print a final aging before proceeding to the next month. 

Unlimited account distribution per invoice - Distribute your invoices to one or more valid general ledger account numbers.

Default supplier distribution account - Every supplier you set up will have a default general ledger distribution account to make data entry easier and faster.

Unlimited transaction history - Year-end processing does not delete all of last year’s history. Transactions are kept as long as you like.

Use segmented account distribution templates  - Automatically distribute to a number of different accounts based a predefined percentage. For example, perhaps professional fees are distributed 38% to department 100, 37% to department 110 and 25% to department 120. There is even a place to define which account gets the penny rounding.

Prohibits duplicate invoices  - Bravo prohibits the entry of the same invoice number from the same supplier.

Recurring supplier invoices - Define recurring invoices that happen once a month, or quarter, etc. Also define when they expire.

User-definable check format  - Define your own check format. We do not dictate whether the check has to be on the top or bottom; or perhaps you want to print your own MICR encoding.

Complete handling for manual checks - Bravo allows for manual checks that are entered after the invoice is entered or input both the invoice and manual check in one step to save time.

Complete handling of voided checks - Void both computer and manual checks with full invoice(s) re-statement. We can also handle the voiding of checks that were never written meaning lost checks. This way, your check registers will have all your checks accounted for with no gaps. This is real plus for your CPA or auditor.

Drill down query on invoices and checks - Drill down to see which invoices have been paid or not paid; what is the check number that paid it; drill down to see the general ledger account distribution or the comment and reference of the invoice.

Flexible computer check processing - Select invoices based on a range of suppliers and/or due dates and/or user-defined groups. Then further edit the list of invoices by removing or adding invoices, make partial payments, etc. A running count of the dollar amount of the selected invoices is always available.

Check printing recovery - Start printing again from the point where your printer jammed.  You do not have to reprint your entire computer 
check run.

Attach files to individual suppliers - Attached files such as word processing files to individual supplier. These files can be launched from within supplier maintenance and query.

Place invoices on hold - Need to put an invoice on hold over a dispute, not a problem. Bravo will exclude that invoice during computer check selection.

Support for multiple checking accounts - Record manual checks or process and print computer checks against multiple checking accounts

Maintain an unlimited number of contacts per supplier - Maintain the contact’s name title, email address, and telephone number. Also maintain notes with the contact.

Comments and Notes - write an unlimited note and comment per supplier. This can be used to pass any information to your users for a particular supplier.

Assign default shipping method - specify for each supplier the default shipping method such as UPS Ground, Fed Ex. Next Day, etc. This will be the default shipping method when you are creating a purchase order.

Maintain both default FOB Shipping Point
and default Freight Terms - Bravo differentiates these two important terms separately when a purchase order is created.


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