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    updated May 20, 2012                    


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Easy to use bank reconciliation - Bravo uses a tabbed interface design to move between transaction types. Selection buttons and filters makes quick work of matching chores.

Integration with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules - Customer payments received, checks written to suppliers, and manual reconciliation entries are all available for statement reconciliation. Month end entries created in the Bank Management module update the General Ledger. Bravo’s reconciliation is period driven, to allow easy auditing of cash accounts.

Enter miscellaneous bank transactions - Need a petty cash register? Perhaps you record bank charges, or wire fees. Bravo’s Bank Management give you these and more, including the ability to transfer cash from one account to another.

Maintain unlimited reconciliation history - Bravo reconciles your banks to a statement period. An unlimited number of periods can be saved. Go back years to check the reconciled cash balance to your general ledger cash account.

Support multiple reconciliation accounts - Create a bank for all reconciled accounting. Cash and checking accounts, petty cash, even accounts representing credit cards. Each bank is available to be used in Receivables and Payables as well.


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