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    updated May 20, 2012                    


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Unlimited number of components and subassemblies - Bravo sets no limit to the number of levels a parent structure can have. Custom sequencing allows you to sort each BOM your way.

Instant build feature reduces component quantity while selling parent part - The backflushing capabilities of Bravo allow a parent part to be received into stock while consuming subassemblies and components from inventory. Build to order, modify kit structures or include optional items in custom product builds.

Supports multiple part type combinations - Define parts using different categories. An item may be either purchased, manufactured, a sales kit, or a combination of two categories. Use these categories to apply rules to the use of part numbers in the BOM and Sales Order modules.

Drap and drop structure maintenance - Bravo includes drag and drop technology in it's BOM module. Simply click on a part number you want to use and drag it anywhere in the Bill of Material tree. Developing multi-level bills is a breeze!

Alternate units of measure - Create a bill of material based on either standard stocking, or alternate units of measure. The component parts will be used based on the parents specificed unit of measure. Parent parts and component parts each have the option of using alternate units of measure.

Maintain revision history - Bravo will allow an unlimited number of BOM revisions. Now you can trace each design plan or custom project build efficiently and effectively. Producing reports for each revision using Bravo's SQL database is fast and easy.

Attach build notes, routing instructions and drawings - Each parent part can have an unlimited number of file attachments. This means you can attach diagrams, cad drawings, video instructions, or virtually any other file*  to your BOM. You also have an unlimited whiteboard to write notes or routing instructions available for each parent part.  * associated software required

Integration with Sales Order Entry - Sales kits can be designed in the BOM module and invoiced on customer orders. Kits can be viewed and modified prior to invoicing, without affecting the original BOM design.

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