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Unlimited number of warehouses - Bravo allows part numbers to be stocked into any number of locations or distribution sites. Warehouses may be physical or virtual. Each warehouse records movement activity and displays current on-hand, allocated to sales, on purchase order, and on back order quantities.
Costs tracked by warehouse - Each warehouse location stores unique costing activity. Each warehouse can represent a specific General Ledger asset account.  Transactions affect the last cost, average cost and FIFO history for specific distribution centers.
Unlimited number of units of measure - Stock your parts in a unit of your choice. Sell and purchase that item in any other unit division or multiple. Stock in boxes and use in each, or pound, or case. Any number of units of measure can be stored and used for each part number.
Numerous methods to classify inventory items - Bravo includes part classing, allowing sales ledgers to be affected by class, and reports to be grouped. A five-segment category can also be used to build a library of common elements, such as size, color, SKU, etc.

Unlimited sales and purchasing descriptions - In addition to a part number's standard description, extended descriptions can be stored. Unlimited descriptions allow sentence, paragraph, or even pages long descriptions for critical documentation of parts sold and purchased.

FIFO and Average costing supported - FIFO costs are recorded for each receipt transaction in Bravo. This represents an actual cost for a purchase order line, or other receipt. FIFO costs can be maintained at a transaction level. Bravo also maintains a rolling average, which can be used during inventory transactions.

Extensive drill-down queries - Drill down into originating Purchase or Sales order details. View purchase order receipts, sales order shipments, inventory transfers, as well as cost and quantity adjustments. Filters allow quick viewing of specific transactions by type, displaying detailed reference information.

Attach an unlimited number of files to related part number records - Each part number can be linked to pictures, CAD drawings, spreadsheets, web shortcuts, and any number of other documents. Training, research and interactive materials can be used to communicate processes and item details company wide.

Change part numbers without losing current records or history - Because Bravo uses advanced SQL database methods, you can easily revise part numbers and all current records remain attached. Need to change the version of a part number? No problem. Sales and purchase orders will print the new part number, and all the prior history remains, for viewing and reporting! 

Two methods of serial number support - Serial number tracking is included in Bravo’s inventory module. You may use unique serial numbers, or share them across products. You may also use our multiple serial method to track batches or lots, assign several units to a single serial number.

Two user-defined tables per part number - These optional tables can be used to create additional categories for grouping parts from the item master together. Bravo's filters will help you find the part number using these tables. Once you’ve decided how to use them, simply change the title and begin!

Unlimited alternate suppliers and substitute parts - Don't be locked into a single vendor for your parts. Bravo allows an unlimited list of qualified suppliers to be maintained for each and every part number. Part numbers can also use other parts in your inventory as alternates, substituting when stock is low or not on hand.

Unlimited transaction history - Bravo records all transactions with the date and accounting period. Use Bravo's Inventory queries to view inventory status and search your parts list.

Import Inventory Receipts - Import inventory receipt transactions or directly from purchase order records. Reports can be modified with Crystal to print bar codes in addition to the generic reports.



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