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User definable terminology - 
Bravo allows the wording of tables and project segments to be setup as you use them. Virtually any cost/revenue scenario can be established.
Define various segments or parts of a project - Each segment represents a distinct level of your cost/revenue scenario. Up to four segments can be used as subtotal levels.
User-definable status structure - Set up your own ranking and prioritizing codes. Use status codes that make sense to your management and project teams.
Total and subtotal activity for any combination of project information - Bravo's Project Accounting includes four user tables, holding any information you see fit. These tables can be combined with your project segments to produce a report that totals the information the way you want them to. Totals and subtotals are dynamic, changing based on your table and segment selections.
Integration with Accounts Payable, Bank Management and General Ledger modules -  Accounts payable invoices and bank cash receipts are linked to the project accounting module. Post all or a portion. General Ledger accounts can be marked to require any posted entries to be recorded to a project.
Distribute costs and cash receipts to one or more "projects" -  Select from any number of projects to hold your accounting information. Each invoice and cash receipt can have a portion distributed to projects, or just post the entire amount to a single project.


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