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Support for sales order entry, shipping and invoicing -  With Bravo's three phase order processing, functions can be distributed amount various departments. Multiple billings can be processed for each order, including multiple same day shipments. Invoicing functions are protected with Bravo's departmental security. Bravo even supports instant invoice's which require no shipping documents.

Numerous methods to lookup a sales order - Bravo's rich filtering technology allows order lookup via part number, customer, order, po number and more! Status filters can also be applied for quick grouping of orders.

Supports internal part number, customer part number and marketing part number relationships - Serve your customers faster by letting them order with their own part number; Bravo will do the work to find the correct internal part number to allocate. You can also use a marking part number cross-reference; searching on the manufacturer's part number, and finding the part number in your database.

Support for automatic and manual sales order numbering - Bravo fits your business process. Let the system assign new order numbers, or your can create your own alpha-numeric combination.

Integration with Accounts Receivable, Inventory and General Ledger modules - The Receivables and Inventory modules keep details based on customer or part number. Detailed histories of sales can be viewed in either modules. The General Ledger receives all invoice information used for your financial reports. Revenue accounts can be unique for each product class sold, as well as freight, miscellaneous and tax accounts.
Track original due date and revised due date per line item - Empower your company by tracking customer performance. Use the information to track poor stock or delivery performance, highlighting trouble areas.
Order in base unit or alternate units of measure - Stock your parts in a unit of your choice. Sell that item in any other unit division or multiple. Stock in boxes and sell in each, or pound, or case. Unlimited unit of measure can be stored and used for each part number. 

View inventory quantity data during order input - Know your stock status while you are taking the order. On hand, allocated to sales and On purchase order figures are available to help you make an informed delivery promise.

Add or edit the description, extended description and comment for each part number - Because Bravo's Sales Order module is integrated to the Inventory module, standard descriptions, comments and other information is retrieved for you. Yet Bravo is all about flexibility. Change the standard descriptions or comments for one time orders. Use a standard comments library for commonly repeated notations. Extended descriptions allow unlimited pages of notes for critical documentation of parts sold. 

Support for unlimited header and footer comment per sales order document - Bravo includes comment areas at the top and bottom of each order document. That means order acknowledgements, packing slips and invoices can each have any amount of text. Standard tables can be used to quickly select common notes.

Sell inventory and non-inventory items - Use an internal part number to track sale history and stock availability. Bravo's filters will help you find the part number. Also feel free to sell any charge. Use any item number, description and unit of measure.

Summary of sales order is displayed - Don't be in the dark when it comes to an order's status, delivery plans or value. Bravo's order entry form shows you all of the details you need at a glance.

Tracks history of past activities - Use Bravo's Customer and Inventory queries to search and view order activities. Shipments and invoices can be viewed, and part numbers reveal sales records for each invoiced order.
Specify different commission rates per line item - Commissions can be held on salesreps or customers. Each line item can be modified to reflect the commission rate to used when invoicing.

Consolidate shipments onto a single packing list - Aggregate shipments based on shipper or your own user defined method. Perfect for print a detailed packing list that follows an entire shipment of multiple orders.


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